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medical.pngWith more than 30 years of experience in the medical supply and equipment wholesale business, BEAMS Technologies, Inc. has observed decades of change in the industry. As manufacturers continue to come up with new and upgraded medical products, we assist our customers in choosing the best solutions to help your practice run smoothly and efficiently. 

We created this online catalog to help you find the most reliable, innovative medical products for your business, whether you’re making your first medical supply purchase or your twenty-first.  Don't see a product you're looking for?  Click here and we'll find it for you.

Physician Office Supplies:

We offer a variety of Physician office equipment and other supplies needed to meet the needs of modern health care which is advancing every day. 

We carry all sorts of products used in physician’s office on daily basis. These include:

·      Gloves

·      Alcohol pads

·      Tongue depressors

·      Stethoscopes

·      Examination lights

·      Sterilization products

·      Needles and syringes

·      General wound care products

·      Infection prevention products

·      Electrodes

·      Sphygmomanometers

·      Examination tables

Anaesthesia Supplies:

Anaesthesia supplies are a prerequisite before any surgery can take place. Our high quality products are used and trusted by anaesthetists worldwide.  We offer a number of options in anaesthesia products that include:

·      Anaesthesia Masks: extensive sizing for anaesthesia masks ranging from preemies and neonates to adults. 

·      Custom Circuit Configurations: we understand individual needs and offer easy customization.

·      Standard Circuit Configurations: Standard Circuit Configurations are also available

·      Intubating Stylets: especially designed to allow easy insertion and removal.

·      Oropharyngeal Airways: we offer both Guedel and Berman designs.

·      Nasopharyngeal Airways

Cardiovascular Supplies:

Our goal is to simplify cardiovascular healthcare through our supplies. We offer high-grade products to meet the needs of modern cardiologists. We offer a number of products including:

·      Surgical instruments

·      Diagnostics

·      Patient monitors

·      ECG machines

·      Defibrillators

·      Balloon pumps

·      Infusion pumps

These are the essentials needed by cardiac care departments for day to day procedures. Our international delivery services make them accessible no matter where a cardiologist is located.

Radiology Supplies:

Diagnostics are an integral part of healthcare making provision of specific treatment possible. They provide a basis for medical practise, with radiological methods among the most widely used diagnostic techniques. Some of our radiology supplies and equipment that are used by the radiologists around the world include:

·      CT Scan Machines

·      X-Ray Machines

·      Endoscopes

·      Ultrasound equipment

Gastroenterology Supplies:

Gastroenterology department is usually present in every hospital and it is also among one of the busiest departments. We offer a wide range of gastroenterology products that are trusted by senior gastroenterologists around the world including:

·      Gastroscopes

·      Duodenoscopes

·      Enteroscopes

·      Colonoscopes

·      Flexible sigmoidoscopes

·      Rigid sigmoidoscopes

·      Ultrasound endoscopes

·      Endoscopy snares

·      Video capsules

·      Band ligators

·      Balloon dilators

·      APC units

These equipment are widely used in gastroenterology for diagnostic as well as therapeutic procedures. Our goal is to reduce the cost associated with gastroenterology supplies making affordable healthcare possible.

Respiratory Supplies:

We offer one stop solution for all the respiratory management needs of your hospital or clinic. Our high quality yet affordable products are used by pulmonologists and physicians all the around the world. We offer equipment used in:

·      Aerosol Therapy: compressors, masks, drainage bags, nebulizers, respirators and tubing.

·      Airway Management: mucus specimen traps, suctioning, brushes, tracheal airways and tracheostomy care.

·      CPAP Therapy: CPAP nasal masks, CPAP face masks, CPAP nasal cannulas, BiNAPS nasal airflow pressure and snore transducer, contour nasal masks, non-vented NIV masks, respiratory profile monitors, oro-nasal masks, surgical masks and oxygen enrichment attachments

·      Humidification and Filtration: filters, ventilators and ventilator circuits

·      Medication Delivery and Asthma Management: nebulizer masks with tubing, disposable nebulizer kits, spirometers, paediatric nebulizer compressors, nebulizer compressor batteries, peak flow meters, portable nebulizer compressors, valved tee adapters, nebulizer heaters and more.

·      Oxygen Therapy: absorbers, accessories, analysers, bags, bubble humidifiers, carts, cylinders, cannulas and tubing, CO2 monitors, flow meters, concentrators, oxygen masks, kits, regulators and conservers, sputum collectors, set-up bags, pulse oximetry and more.

·      Resuscitation: manual resuscitators, mouth-to-mask resuscitators, manual resuscitator CO2 indicators, paediatric resuscitator bags, infant resuscitators, adult resuscitator bags, disposable infant CPR bags, manual mask resuscitators, first response adult manual resuscitators and more.

Surgery Supplies:

Surgeries are widely performed for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in modern healthcare. The need for high quality yet affordable equipment has increased around the world. We understand the needs of surgeons and their patients, providing products to ensure optimum comfort of both the surgeons and their patients. We supply all sorts of surgical products used in a number of departments. Some of them are given below:

·      Surgical Gowns, disposable and reusable

·      Surgical Gloves

·      Exam Gloves: nitrile sterile, nitrile non-sterile, latex sterile, latex non-sterlie, vinyl sterile, vinyl non-sterile

·      Face Shields and Face Masks

·      Head Wear: Bouffant caps, hoods, surgical caps, beard protectors

·      Foot Wear: a wide variety

·      Eye Protection: glasses, lenses, anti-fog solutions

·      Surgical Drapes: utility drapes, surgical procedure drapes, table covers

·      OR Sheets

·      OR Basics: canisters, dissection balloons, light handle covers, insufflation tubing, suction tubing, skin staplers, suture boots, ventilation tubes, solidifiers

·      OR Towels

·      Stockinettes: sterile, non-sterile, cotton, polyester

·      Surgical Mesh

·      Surgical Pads

·      Tissue Adhesives

·      Sterilisation Equipment: autoclave machines, glassware washers, endoscope drying cabinets and more

·      Sterilization Wraps: lightweight, heavyweight, reusable

·      Sterile Procedure Trays: basic trays, barrier trays, arthroscopy trays, central line trays, cath lab trays, cardiovascular trays, cervical trays, chest/breast trays, circumcision trays, cystoscopy trays, extremity trays, gastric bypass trays, hand trays, hip trays, joint trays, knee trays, laminectomy trays, laproscopy trays, laparotomy trays, major trays, minor trays, nephroscopy trays, neuro trays, obstretic/gynaecology trays, pacemaker trays, ophthalmic trays, orthopaedic trays, shoulder trays, set-up trays, podiatry trays, universal trays, vein trays, bowls and basins, single basin

·      Sterile Procedure Packs: basic packs, arthroscopy packs, abdominal packs, central line packs, bronchoscopy packs, angiographic packs, cardiovascular packs

·      Sponge Detection Systems: X-ray detectable, RF Detect

·      Umbilical Cord Clamps and Tapes

·      Wound Care: casts, dressings, bandages, gauze, saline spray

·      Surgical Instruments: adaptors, amino hooks, bite blocks, applicators, approximators, aspirators, bone drills, Bougie A Boules,Calipers, cast cutters, chisels, choppers, curettes, clamps, dilators, dissectors, distraction screws, ear syringes, elevators, endoscopic devices, endoscopic sheaths, endoscopy needles, extractors, eye drills, forceps, gags, gouges, graspers, guides, hooks, impactors, intracorneal rings, irrigation, knives, ligators, levers, ligature needles, mallets, measuring instruments, obturators, nail nippers and splitters, ocular markers, orthopaedic osteotomes, orthopaedic plates, orthopaedic screws, pin & wire cutters, probes, punches, puncture needles, pushers, rasps, retractor hooks, ring cutters, rongeurs, rotators, saws, scissors, separators, snares, spatulas, spreaders, speculas, staple removers, strippers, suction devices, traction, trocars, tuning forks, uerthral bouges, uterine sounds and diagnostics.

·      Customized Surgical Instrument Sets 

·      Accessories: mini and maxi vessel loops, sterile natural bone wax, sterile synthetic bone wax, mixing bowls, vascular loops

·      Prep Packs: presurgery kits, catheters

·      Specimen Vials

·      Skin Prep: skin markers, skin scrub trays, razors, surgical scrub

·      Room Turnover Kits

Orthopaedic Supplies:

We help orthopaedic surgeons around the world relieve their patients of pain through our equipment. We offer a number of products that can be ordered from our website with a quick delivery. We deal in:

·      Orthopedic operating tables

·      Orthopedic extension devices

·      Orthopedic operating table supports

·      Orthopedic reamers

·      Shavers

·      Shaver blades

·      Cast saws

·      Bone punches

·      Orthopedic screwdrivers

·      Meniscal rasps

·      Arthroscopes

·      Orthopedic burrs

·      Pulsed lavage systems

·      Mini-invasive orthopedic surgery systems

·      Instrument kits

·      Orthopedic surgery implants and devices

·      Bone substitutes

·      Bone cement

·      Bone cement mixers

Obstetrics and Gynaecological Supplies:

Comfort of the mother and the baby is our top priority which drives us at BEAMS Technologies to supply best healthcare equipment to gynaecologists around the world. We deal in high quality products from top rated companies. You can contact us for all sorts of gynaecological equipment such as:

·      Sphygmomanometers

·      Electronic bed scales

·      Weight scales: portable, with BMI calculators

·      High capacity digital scales

·      Exam tables

·      Body fat scales

·      Stethoscopes

·      Patient lift scale

·      Penlights: reusable, disposable

·      Medical exam stool

·      Baby scale

·      Surgery lights

·      Exam lights

·      Step stools

·      Tongue depressors

·      Vaginal speculums

·      Non-directional obstetrical probe

·      Non-directional vascular probes

·      Emergency carts

·      Anaesthesia carts

·      Instrument trays

Nephrology Supplies:

We understand what nephrologists need around the world and provide all types of equipment and devices needed in nephrology department such as:

·      Dialysis machines

·      Ultrasonic blood flow detectors

·      Video endoscopy

·      Blood POC analyser

·      Flexible ureteroscope

·      Laboratory pump

·      Liquids conductivity meter

·      Dialysis chair

·      Extracorporeal lithotripter

·      Renal endoscope

BEAMS Technologies provides one stop solution to all your medical equipment needs no matter the department you work in. We offer worldwide delivery of our products to ensure that every doctor works in the best environment and every patient gets the best treatment possible. Call us at (630) 832-3333 if you have any questions.


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